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Quality assurance and method

Translations are undertaken in the following manner:

— The text is read and more difficult words are highlighted.

— A rough translation is done. More difficult passages are highlighted. It should be noted that the translation is always done in a copy of the original text and that this allows retaining all formatting as well as facilitating comparison to ensure that each sentence has a corresponding sentence in the finished translation.

— Uncommon words and/or phrases are researched, usually via the internet. If more than one translation is possible then a comparison of usage is made and the translation commonly used in the specific field is selected unless it is apparent that another alternative should be used.

— Spelling, grammar and punctuation are checked in a word processing program.

— The text is proof-read on screen. This generally discloses any errors in sentence structure and word order.

— The text is proof-read by reading aloud from a hardcopy.

— Finally, spelling, grammar and punctuation are rechecked in a word processing program.


My offers are usually based on number of words in source text. In case translation work cannot be billed by word, I bill by fixed charge.

Delivery of translation work decides customer: E-mail, USB, mail.
I always respect the agreed deadline.

Some tools that I use in my work:

— Trados, MS Office, Adobe Acrobat
— scanner, printer, pc (incl. virus protection)
— terminology databases, i.e. Nationalencyklopedin